Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys Leaders

House Captains -  Ella Kershaw and Thai Chant

Vice House Captains - Daniel Elliott and Eve Appleton Scott

Sports Captains - Tom Crabtree and Sydney March

Vice Sports Captains - Harry Tompkins, Dulcie Gatehouse

Lead House Buddies - Ella-May Cauldwell and Pallvi Vij


End of Spring Term 2017

It has been an action-packed Spring Term with excellent levels of participation and success from Fleur de Lys students. A recent highlight was Fleur de Lys winning the Inter-House Human Rights Day which was a huge success. Scarlett Mealing stood out on the day with some thoughtful and insightful comments on world poverty and the refugee crisis. Students in Fleur de Lys with a huge amount of well-deserved house points include: Dulcie Gatehouse, Poppy Legg-Bagg, Eve Appleton-Scott, Tom Crabtree, Abi Shepherd, Thai Chant, Will Stazicker, Lea Devecsery, Sam Devecsery, Daniel Van Zyl, Victoria Crabb, Eva Symonds, Jess Herbert, James Clatworthy Fin Cauldwell, Lily Rayner, Holly Dupon-Jones and Lily Crane, Lucy Best, Alice Best and Bailey Huxter.

Some other student successes this term include Tom Crabtree and Finley Devlin who attended the MUN (Model United Nations) conference in Bath where they represented Greece. Their debating skills were excellent, discussing issues linked to the environment and terrorism. Also, Daniel Van Zyl in Year 8 represented Colfox at Westminster this term. Along with 3 other students, Daniel did a talk to other schools at Westminster on the Edge. An excellent term,fleur de Lys. good luck our Year 11s with your revision and exams.

Children In Need Fundraising Day

Fleur de Lys charity day was a great success. Students from all year groups took part in the army challenge. It was a great event and around 70 students participated in the challenge.  Students were raising money for Children in Need. With the money raised from the army challenge and the charity day stalls at lunchtime, students raised over £440. Well done Fleur de Lys!

Autumn 2016 Half Term Update

Fleur de Lys has successfully made it through their first half term of the year! We welcomed two new tutor groups: F7EW and F7TM. It has been a pleasure getting to know our new students. The students in the new leadership team for Fleur de Lys have been very busy this half term, arranging students, organising events, improving participation, supporting events, delivering assemblies, supporting tutors and much more. Below is a list of the leadership team for this year. F11AL did a brilliant assembly on the importance of sleep: Nyah Cormack, Eve Appleton-Scott, Tom Crabtree, Conan Birkett, Sydney March, Jaydon Brown and Abi Shepherd presented it exceptionally well.

Tug of war was a great success with Fleur de Lys coming second place. A special ‘well done’ goes to the year 11 team who were undefeated! It was a great atmosphere and good to see so many students working in teams together. Cross country was as successful as ever with Fleur de Lys coming first. The Variety Show was brilliant day with lots of creative acts, particularly Molly Gay who sung beautifully and Bailey Huxter and Billy Cornwell for their ‘I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester’ act! Both of these acts made it to the final and Molly made it to second place.

Buddying is going very well – every year 7 student has been allocated a buddy who they meet during tutor time. It is lovely to see cross year group relationships being formed. There are buddies from years 8,9,10 and 11 who are being very supportive.

Tutor groups are now preparing for charity day which is looming. We will be raising money for Children in Need on November 11th.