Year 8 Imperial War Museum Trip 2017

After a lengthy journey on the coach, we finally arrived at the museum. The students visited various exhibits and galleries focusing on conflicts Britain has been involved in across the 20th Century to the present day. Students were able to touch and see various artefacts about the many aspects to the First and Second World Wars.

In the World War I exhibition students found out how women and children were involved in the war effort and they had the opportunity to try on military uniforms. Many students were very surprised by the weight of the riffles soldiers would have to carry in the trenches. In the World War II exhibition on the Home Front, students learnt about rationing and spent some time in an Anderson Shelter.

Later in the afternoon, we visited galleries about the War on Terror, focusing on British Surveillance before looking at another gallery about the current conflict in Syria. In this gallery, students watched a fascinating documentary explaining the conflict. All had a fantastic day and I would like to thank the students for their excellent representation of the school.