Legally Blonde “A real hit!”

The Sir John Colfox Academy are celebrating the success of another successful ‘school production’.  Last week the Expressive Arts Faculty put on a fantastic school production “Legally Blonde Junior”. Based on the award-winning Broadway musical and the smash hit motion picture.  The musical is a fabulously fun journey of self-empowerment and expanding horizons. 

Students taking part ranged from ages 11 to 18 and all pupils worked incredibly hard to put on the show.  Huge congratulations must go to the cast and crew!  Essie Stone played the iconic role of Elle Woods and was a knock out!  Ellie McNulty entertained us with comical words of wisdom as the hairdresser Paulette Buonofuonte.  The girls were supported by male leads Reece Fletcher as Emmet Forrest and Ryan Tozer as Warner Huntington.  Jade Farrington was strong and dynamic in her role as fitness guru Brooke Wyndham and Jordan Hayter and Daniel Martins gave very confident performances, Jordan as the opinionated and stuck up law student Vivienne Kensington and Daniel as the pompous and manipulative Professor Callahan. There were many supporting roles and big ensemble numbers giving the chorus an opportunity to really shine!

A special mention must go to Ellie Taylor (Year 13 student) who not only took on the role of Serena at the last minute but also played a pivotal role as assistant director and vocal coach.  An incredibly motivated and talented young person who plans to follow a career in drama teaching...

Colfox is graced with some real talent and the production was certainly a big team effort. The commitment and dedication of both the students performing, students that made up the back stage crew and staff involved was evident in putting together such an ambitious production that also had the addition of 2 dogs appearing on stage, Buster and Gucci, who were kindly loaned by 2 members of staff.  Students, teachers and parents should be very proud indeed of the performance, which was a sell out! 

Students who took part said they really enjoyed the experience and are excited and looking forward to the next production!

Cast: Elle Woods - Essie Stone, Emmet Forrest – Reece Fletcher, Paulette Buonofuonte – Ellie McNulty Warner Huntington 111- Ryan Tozer, Brooke Wyndham – Jade Farrington, Professor Callahan – Daniel Martins, Vivienne Kensington – Jordan Hayter, Margot  - Maddie Barron, Pillar- Chiara Sidebotham, Serena – Ellie Taylor, Kate – Katie Shaw, Enid Hoops – Fleur Handyside, Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan – Llywelyn Rendall Davies, Aaron Schultz – Finlay Norton, Whitney/Saleswoman – Jade Wilkinson, Dewey/Grandmaster Chad – Harris O’Rouke, Kyle – Patrick Harris, Chutney Wyndham/Store Manager – Chloe Rainey, Winthrop – Jenniver Sweet, Lowell –Callum Birkett, Pforzheimer – Rowan Palmer Lambert,  Judge – Joe Keatley, Rufus – Buster, Bruiser - Gucci

Chorus: Evie Norton, Bella Conway-Hyde, Maise Little, Amelia Burt, Kelsy Fowler, Lucy Reeves, Jezebel Dilke, Charles Bennellick, Arthur Coombs-Smith, Kieran Balazs

Back Stage Crew: Jay Collins, Sam Stunt, Eden Lynham, Shannon Lee-Collins, Sam Davies, Tamzyn Legg, Joshua Craven, jade Adams, Benji Hall, Jack Tozer, Jake Dagnell-Jones, Jamie Lister-Fisher, Alisha Acherman

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