Design & Technology Department

Our Design technology curriculum has been created to teach students a wide range of practical skills that will enable the students to manufacture a wide range of products with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally students are taught about a variety of materials and processes to allow students be selective when designing and making products at GCSE.

Design and technology drives and inspires creativity amongst students empowering them to become confident users of techniques, tools and materials and critical users of technology. A high proportion of teaching is through practical work in excellent facilities.


All students at Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8) follow four nine-week rotations, each focusing on a different material. They develop the skills needed for the different elements of the Design Process and are assessed on these in particular.

In Year 9 students begin courses in Technology that they have opted for as part of the GCSE options process in Year 8. GCSE Courses in Technology include: Food Preparation and Nutrition, Design Technology with a Resistant Material or Textiles focus and Engineering.

GCSE update 

Resistant materials and textiles 

The exam board has informed the school that the NEA making of the final piece has been dropped and instead the students are expected to make a working model and include evidence of equipment being used. As a result the marking criteria no longer includes the final making marks.  

Food and nutrition 

The exam board has informed the school that NEA 1 has been dropped and the amount of dishes that students need to make has been reduced to two.  


The exam board has informed the school that the practical element on the coursework has been dropped and instead the students need to research / write about the processes they would use. This has also effected the marking criteria from 15marks for the making to 10marks.