Life in the Sixth Form

Although academic excellence is at the heart of everything we do in the Sixth Form, you can expect a lot more from your time with us.

Firstly, you will be expected to play an active role in the school and community. Called ‘Give Back’, these sessions are designed to play to your strengths and help enrich the experiences of children lower in the school and within the larger community. In the past, students have helped in the subject they excel most in, perhaps helping a small group of students improve their reading or helping to run an Art class. Students have volunteered in the Trust’s primary schools and pre-schools, too. The work done during Give Back really enhances UCAS applications to university, giving students valuable experience and an understanding about how institutions work. We will do everything we can to accommodate your ideas for Give Back.

The ‘personal statement’ aspect of applying to university benefits enormously from initiatives like ‘Give Back’, and providing you with valuable, meaningful work experience is also vitally important. Our study programme expects all students to engage with work experience (usually in the summer term of Year 12) and students should take ownership of their experience. Although we will help you secure a work experience that is relevant to your studies and future plans, we encourage you to use your initiative when researching experience opportunities.

Another opportunity open to students is to get involved in the Student Leadership Group. Led by a nominated Head Girl and Head Boy (supported by deputies), the Student Leadership Group manages various committees, such as the Sports Committee, The Social Committee and the Student Union. Again, being involved means you get a chance to shape your experience in the Sixth Form, and it also looks great on your UCAS application.

Speaking of which, expect a lot of input from the Sixth Form Leadership team when applying for university and deciding on your next steps. We help get your started with trips to the UCAS convention in Exeter and we encourage visits to universities. We will give you a lot of guidance when it comes to writing the all-important ‘personal statement’. The tutorial programme will look carefully at what an excellent statement looks like, and your tutor will read your drafts and suggest improvements. We are proud of our success rates in getting students in to their first choice universities.

Finally, we can’t ignore the social side of things! Being in a Joint Sixth Form, you have the benefits that come from a meeting of two schools. Effectively, your social life has the opportunity to blossom into new groups and opportunities. The Sixth Form Prom is an obvious highlight of the year, and regular events such as quizzes and meals out help to balance out the hard work that you will be doing!