Adler Leadership Team

House Captains -  Nathaniel Womleighton and Emily Hendry

Vice Captains -  Liam Witchell - Townsend and Ele Cpx

Sports Captains - Jack Parkman and Fleur Handyside

Sports Vice Captain - Will Smith and Megan Rogers

Lead Buddies - Jay Collins and Eden Lynham


Autumn Term 2017

Welcome back Adler, and an especially warm welcome all the new students and new staff joining Adler. We are the lucky house this year and have two year 7 tutor groups; A7SAB  and A7LTB. We also welcome all the new staff joining Adler house and picking up tutor groups: Miss Baggaley, Mrs Burgess, Miss Stone and Mrs Schantz. We had a brilliant year last year with many inter- house success and many individual success; it was a joy to see so many Adler students receiving awards at prizegiving. We didn't quite manage to win the House Cup, but our 2nd place shows our determination and resilience to improve from previous years. Maybe this year is our year? I think so! I want to wish everyone in Adler all the very best for the year and I encourage you all to get involved with as much as possible.

Spring 2017 End of Term News

Adler -Miss Hull What a Spring term it has been. It has been a pleasure to watch Adler house and all the students within it go from strength to strength and compete in so many activities. Firstly, inter-house competitions. This term has seen Adler WIN inter-house football and come 2nd in the inter-house Human Rights Day. As well as inter-house competitions students have been busy with the Edge and other extra- curricular activities. Our very own House Captain, Jade Farrington, has completed the Graduate level of the Edge by cutting her hair short to a very stylish bob and donating her hair to charity. January and February saw Rotary Public Speaking competitions happening and out of the nine Colfox students involved across the 2 team, five of the students were Adler students; as House Co-ordinator is it incredibly uplifting to see so many Adler students taking part, trying new things and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones. I would like to wish all Adler students and staff a very restful and enjoyable holiday. And to Year 11, work and revise hard but make sure you allow yourself sometime to enjoy the holidays as well.

Autumn 2016 Half Term News

We, Nat Wormleighton and Jade Farrington, are the Adler House Captains; the Vice-Captains are Cody Johnson and Lily-May Scholar. In charge of all sporting events are Mika Mamanta and Ella Henson (Captains) - Ned Seal and Leia Benny-Worth are their Vice-Captains. Lead Buddies are Jess Tewson and Isabelle Coliandris who will oversee the Buddying team. Together, we are the Adler Leadership Team and we welcome you to the Adler page on the school website.

Already this year we have taken part in many inter-house events and are in the midst of arranging teams for many more. Here is a review of some of the events happened already.

We may not have won but in our eyes Tug-of-War can be classed as a success, considering we were 12in last place after the first round of pulls! A7JS were particularly resilient, being the only Adler tutor group to defeat Hinomaru on the first day. However, by the end of the third day, Adler had clawed their way back to second place overall. We are very proud of our Year 7s who were undefeated against all the other houses; a strong start to the year.

‘Colfox has Talent’ proved that Adler certainly has masses of talent. Our Year 8 trio of Chloe Rainey, Jade Wilkinson and Dylan Goodrick won! They sang a simply stunning adaptation of ‘Someone Like You’ (it so amazing it even made Mr Bartlett – yes, Mr Bartlett – cry!). This won them not only the best act in their year, but best act overall - to win the Talent Show is very impressive!

Special mentions need to go to Emily Hendry, Jessie Nicholls- Stevens and Anna Crabb. Emily has been asked to speak at the annual event at Bryanston, the Dorset School Games. This invitation has come from several years of dedication to sports leadership. Jessie Nichols-Stevens performed a great poem in the variety show; it demonstrated true originality and creative flair. Anna Crabb is one of two Colfox students to be selected for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award. Anna had to write a letter of application and go through an interview process to be awarded her place. Well done Anna.

That’s all from us, we hope everyone had a fantastic half-term and is looking forward to the next one!

Thank you for reading,

Jade, Nat, Cody and Lily.