Anti Bullying


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Anti Bullying Report

All schools have concerns about bullying and especially cyber bullying.  We take this very seriously and have strong policies in place to combat this.  As part of our on-going commitment to tackle this serious issue we are currently reviewing our Bullying processes.

The Academy has a anti-bullying group. The students are  involved at looking at ways the academy currently deals with bullying and what can be done to improve this. The students have been responsible for writing and handing out surveys to their peers and collating them and action plan to put in place.

On the 28th January 2014 the students attended an anti-bullying Ambassadors course, a course available for all schools in West Dorset to attend.  At this course the students were provided with the following information;

  • Greater understanding of the issue of bullying –facts, definition and importance.
  • Practical ideas.
  • Supporting others – basic skills needed to support others.
  • Action planning.

Each student received a training booklet; Anti-bullying Ambassadors badge a training certificate and on-going support.

Head of middle school Mrs Chudley is a Champion anti- bullying school for West Dorset and hosted a press launch and training day for Primary feeder schools to have a united approach and recording of safeguarding issues in the area. The school currently has a member of staff on the E-safety and Anti-bullying county steering group.

The Sir John Colfox Academy has a good anti-bullying policy that has been endorsed by OFSTED this is something we take very seriously and we are always looking to improve.

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