Art & Design (BTEC) – Course Overview

Art & Design Btec

ASSIGNMENT 1:  Skeletal Form 

Students are introduced to a wide variety of drawing techniques based on the theme ‘skeletal form’. Using drawing, mono-printing, collage, stitch and mixed media, they are encourages to create a variety of interesting samples relating to this theme. Students will develop skill in craft and fashion design as they design and create a piece of body adornment, researching tribal and contemporary fashion as inspiration. 

ASSIGNMENT 2: Organic Ceramic 

Students develop a ceramic sculpture, inspired by natural, organic form. Students investigate shape and form in a series of drawing workshops and are introduced to a variety of contemporary sculptors. Students learn how to produce detailed, annotated research and design sheets & develop confidence and skill in ceramics.  

ASSIGNMENT 3: Image and Text 

Across art and technology departments, students are introduced to a wide variety of illustrators and graphic designers who combine image and text. Students will research their favourite designers and produce a variety of personal responses, using ICT, collage & mixed media.

Students are given an extended homework brief to produce a personal ‘identity project’ in sketchbooks, developing a deeper understanding of independent working and artistic journey.

ASSIGNMENT 4: Printmaking – Buildings 

Students are given the opportunity to learn a variety of printmaking techniques, using photography of buildings as a starting point. They produce a research project on printmaking techniques and produce a series of prints using collograph, mono printing and linocut techniques

CONTROLLED ASSIGNMENT: Creative Project in Art and Design

Learners will complete an externally-set assessment, which will be carried out in the summer term. Students are given 20 hours of guided learning to develop personal responses to a given theme.