Art & Design GCSE – Course Overview

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Students are introduced to a wide variety of drawing techniques based on the theme ‘close up’. Using their drawing and own photography, they create a variety of creative prints relating to this theme. Students develop knowledge and understanding of printmaking processes such as mono printing and linocut printing. They will explore artists and designers work, relating to this theme and develop a personal painted outcome. 


Students study abstract sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth, Peter Randall-Page and Henry Moore. Using a variety of materials such as soap, plaster and clay, students design and sculpt a series of abstract sculptures. They will also work independently or in groups to design a public abstract sculpture for the local area.

COURSEWORK UNIT 2: LAYERS (Landscape / Coastline)                        

Students are encouraged to work independently in response to the theme ‘layers’, working in a sketchbook at home and in class. Students are introduced to a wide variety of mixed media artists and painters who use their surroundings as inspiration for their artwork and are asked to research their favourites in depth. Own photography and drawings are an important element; we run a day trip to West Bay to help with this. Through a series of workshops, students explore materials, mixed media techniques, colour and   mark-making. In response to their sketchbook work, students plan and produce a final piece based on the theme ‘layers’.  


The controlled test (exam) contributes to 40% of the GCSE marks. The exam paper provides a wide variety of points for students to choose from, ensuring opportunity for all abilities. Students are given several weeks to develop, refine and record ideas in their sketchbooks. 

Students are given 10 hours to produce a personal and informed final piece.