Attendance Policy

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Parent Request for Leave of Absence

Requesting a Leave of Absence

Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence to students during term time unless they consider there to be ‘exceptional circumstances’. We define ‘exceptional circumstances as “an event whose timing cannot be controlled and which is of great emotional significance to the families involved".
The school considers each application for term-time absence individually, taking into account the specific facts, circumstances and relevant context behind the request. A leave of absence is granted entirely at the Headteacher’s discretion. Where a leave of absence is granted, the school will determine the number of days the student can be absent from school.
As the Headteacher only grants leave of absence in exceptional circumstances, it is unlikely a leave of absence will be granted for the purposes of a family holiday.
Please note, where Headteacher has not granted a leave of absence but the parents still take the child out of school, or the child is kept away longer than the period of leave granted, absence will be unauthorised and parents may be liable for a Fixed Penalty Notice.


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Attendance Letter September 2022

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MLT Attendance Statement

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