Author & Historian Gives Talk

‘Dominic Sandbrook, author and historian came and talked to us in year 9 and primary schools from the local area. He talked about his new book series 'Adventures in Time', his writing experiences and his views as a historian. He was an inspirational speaker and his views about World War 1, while unusual in my view, were very interesting to hear about. Mr Sandbrook was asked a range of questions from both the sixth form student panel, the year 9 audience and primary school virtual audiences, such as 'What is your favourite period in History?', 'How do you think History should be taught in schools?' and 'How do you overcome writer's block?', he gave some fascinating answers which were in much more depth than students asking the questions were expecting.
In my opinion Mr Sandbrook was an amazing author and his books showed new views on some of histories key events including Henry VIII and his Six Wives and the World Wars to name a few! He was an honour to have in the school and I learnt much from him in terms of various views on events that I had previously seen in a different way. Mr Sandbrook speaking to my class about being an author and giving his own messages of encouragement, for us the new generation about writing and future careers and his own insights on being a historian was an amazing thing to have and experienced.’ Oliver Year 9.
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