Assistant Head Mr Bryan Glover

Director of student Support/SENCO/Head of Business Studies

I joined, what was then, Colfox School in 1989 and feel privileged to have spent the majority of my career in this caring and stimulating environment.  When I first started, as Head of Business Studies, there was talk of a new technology block, this then turned into a complete re-build and the first private-public-partnership for a secondary school in England.   Over the years there have been many other changes: uniform, curriculum, assessment, the house system, the headteacher (Mr Herbert is now the third headteacher I have worked with at Colfox) and of course Language College which I led for almost a decade.  But some things have remained the same; the first is how delightful our students are – they make each day for me, and the second is our wonderful staff – it really is a pleasure to get up each morning and come in to work.

My roles at the moment are four-fold – as a teacher of business and mathematics, as SENCO, as raising standards leader for key stage 4 and as data manager.  Central to all these is the desire to help students to achieve their full potential, whatever their starting points and I am fortunate to work with several teams of committed professionals who strive continuously to ensure that this is the case. Of course, we could not do our job without the support of parents and are most effective when we pull together.  It is always a great pleasure to meet parents who I taught when they were at Colfox and to spend a few minutes reminiscing and then to look to the future and how to get the best for the next generation.