Budget Allocation & Expenditure Impact 2014 -15


Amount allocated                                              £ 103,466

Year 7 Catch up (received March 2015)           £   15,500

Children in Care (DCC bids)                             £         663

                                                TOTAL               £ 119,629

Priorities for 2014-15

  1. Improve attainment at GCSE to close the gap further in English and Maths
  2. Improve progress in Maths
  3. Ensure Level 5 students reach the higher GCSE grades (at least a B)
  4. Improve the attendance of PP students
  5. Reduce the number of exclusions of PP students
  6. Improve the progress of Year 7 students in English and Literacy

Strategies and use of funding

GCSE and Sixth Form support  allocated £13,000

One-to-one/small group support from TA’s and Literacy specialists £1,800
Purchase of revision materials and resources £1,794
English intensive course £   890
Home tutoring in Maths £   240
Purchase of SAM Learning for 2015-16 use £   480
Catch up and revision sessions £3,572
TOTAL £8,776

Year 7 Catch Up support  allocated  £25,000                                                        

Extra time was given to these students to support literacy development.  Two teachers and a TA were attached to the group throughout the year.

Staffing costs for 7R3 (En and Ma) £25,345
Resources to support literacy for 7R3 £     495
Resources to support numeracy for 7R3 £     365    
TOTAL £26,205

Training and CPD  allocated  £4,500

PiXL training related to PP and raising achievement training for new Raising Standards Leader

PiXL courses £1,260
Literacy support by Lucy Wright £4,340
Internal training £   150
TOTAL £5,750

Extra staffing to support PP students  allocated £40,000

Raising Standards Leaders (TLR part time allocation) in Years 10 & 11  

£ 9,226

Contribution to salaries of Principal TA, ELSA TA support, learning support assistant for homework club and study support  


Leadership and Management time to review data, progress and action plans (RATs meetings)  


PP pack – strategies schools can use £       79
Academic Mentoring £  5,790
TOTAL £44,435

Curriculum Support  allocated  £12,000

Planning of new Year 7 Programme £     450
Vocational courses for identified students £  7,500
New resources for Reading Programme to encourage wider reading (eg graphic novels)  

£     560

Careers advice and guidance £     250
Support for Talented, Able and Ambitious Group to raise aspirations  

£     400

Support for curricular trips and visits £     876
Trip for more able PP to access Russell Group Universities £     140
Extra staffing in Maths £  2,772
TOTAL £12,948

Pastoral Support  allocated  £8,500

Counselling £4,000
Individualised support programme – organisation, revision etc £1,500
Uniform support £     69.25
Non curricular trip support (eg D of E) £   100
The Edge £   580
TOTAL £6,249.25

Children in Care Support  allocated  £663

Laptop £      410
Equipment for D of E £      253

Impact of Pupil Premium expenditure

Improving performance at GCSE

The expenditure of Pupil Premium funding made a significant difference to the students taking GCSE in 2015.  Students at The Sir John Colfox Academy achieved well above the national average overall and Pupil Premium students did even better than that.  In 2014 48% of the Pupil Premium students achieved 5A*-C including English and Maths it rose to 73% in 2015.

The Pupil Premium students did better than non Pupil Premium in 2015 and were 7.5% above those who did not receive the support.

The progress of Pupil Premium students in English was the same as non Pupil Premium (73%) and in Maths was 1% below (73% as well).  This was a major improvement in Maths from 45% in 2014.

The average grade in both English and Maths for Pupil Premium and non Pupil Premium was a C. 

These were outstanding results for Pupil Premium students. 

Ensure Level 5 students reach the higher GCSE grades

All but 1 of the More Able Pupil Premium students achieved at least 5A*-B grades and all are now on A level programmes.  Three of these students also attended University Residential programmes over the summer.  While this was externally funded it was a wonderful opportunity to raise aspirations and there was considerable support in school for the application process.

Improve the progress of year 7 students

In year 7 the students involved in 7R3 made excellent progress. 

92% made at least 2 sub levels progress in English. 

94% of students who entered the school on English levels 3a/4c achieved a secure level 4. 

One student achieved this on writing but not reading.

Attendance and exclusions

In 2013-2014 the attendance of Pupil Premium students was 92.58%.  Unfortunately it dropped this year to 91.6% and the gap between Pupil Premium and non Pupil Premium widened.  This was due to a small number of students with persistent absence.

In terms of exclusions the gap has remained broadly static for two years.

This is an area that we need to continue to focus on and improve.


There was an increased emphasis on ensuring Pupil Premium students are included in school events and leadership roles.  Pupil Premium students were supported individually where necessary to participate in The Edge programme and several also took part in the Young Lions Award.