Annual Production


The school production is held annually in the school hall. Auditions are held in the summer term.  We promote an inclusive process to the school show, with all students who audition, automatically allowed to take part in the final show. It is a fantastic opportunity for different year groups to mix with each other and get to know their peers, as well as express themselves. Each year students always comment on how they would never have gotten to know as many people in the school, if it was not for the school show. Wherever possible we try and go to see the show we are performing that year in London’s West End or Southampton. 


Busgy Malone A Big Hit With Audiences

The 2016 production of Bugsy Malone  took place on the 9th, 10th and 11th November, with an open dress rehearsal to local primary schools in the day on the 8th November. The academy's production of Bugsy Malone was a big hit with audiences, the amazing response and sell out performances really meant a lot to the cast and crew whose hard work and dedication made the show such a success.  

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