Business Studies GCSE

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Head Of Department Mr B Glover
Teacher of Business Studies Mrs K David

GCSE – Course Overview

Unit 1:  Setting Up A Business

Students learn about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs through case study examples then develop their own skills and learn about the business plan by setting up and running their own enterprise during the first and second terms of year 10.  They will discover key marketing, operations, human resources and financial aspects of setting up a business and apply their knowledge to case study examples to develop application, analysis and evaluation skills.  

Unit 2:  Growing As A Business

In year 11 students investigate why and how business grows by looking at case study examples.  They will explore basic, simplified financial statements and make judgments and recommendations based on them.  Further work on the functional areas of marketing, human resources and operations will be studied through case studies to develop application, analysis and evaluation skills.

Unit 3:  Investigating Business

The coursework title is changed each year but will require students to investigate an aspect of a local business and put forward recommendations.  Students are given 8 hours to research the business and then three hours to write up their report.  


Unit 1:  one hour written exam based on three case studies.

Unit 2:  one hour written exam based on three case studies.

Unit 3:  controlled assessment, three hours– written report.