Charging Policy

Charging Policy



Books and Equipment

Parents should buy their children their own pens, pencils, calculators, etc., although subject departments will loan such equipment if necessary.

Books and stationery are provided free, but Year 12 and 13 (sixth form) students who wish to keep a textbook at the end of a course will be asked to pay for it. Sixth formers are asked to pay a deposit for text books which will be returned if and when the books are returned.

Children may choose to buy some specialist revision textbooks through the school to ensure they have the correct support materials.

Library books – a charge is made if library books are not returned.

Charging for Materials
Parents of students who are on practical courses (e.g. Art&Design and Design&Technology including Textiles, Food Technology, Product Design ) and who wish their children to own the finished products will be charged for the materials used.

Trips and activities within the school day or forming part of an examination course
Any payments from parents for these activities are voluntary but if parents are unable or unwilling to contribute, it may be that the activity will not be able to take place. Students will never be treated differently whether or not their parents have made any such payments. In the case of known hardship or unwillingness to pay, the school may pay for an individual student or students in order not to place in jeopardy the provision of an activity.

Activities outside the school day and not part of an examination course
Payment is required for students to take part in these activities. However, in the case of hardship parents should contact the Business Manager who will endeavour to find support from school/charitable funds. Where there is a choice, the school retains the right to place students on a less expensive alternative activity in Activities Week if parents cannot pay.

Non-Refundable Deposits
If a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place on a trip, it will not be repaid unless a substitute can be found to take the place of a child. If there are mitigating circumstances (such as illness) then the school will endeavour to repay part of the deposit once a doctor’s certificate is provided.

Residential Visits
Payment will be required in respect of residential visits taking place mainly outside school time. However, in the case of hardship parents should contact the Business Manager who will endeavour to find support from school/charitable funds.

Public Examinations
The Headteacher has the authority to charge for examination entries if such entries are not prescribed in regulations. If a student misses examinations due to parents taking them out of school (e.g. holidays) the parents will be expected to compensate the school for wasted examination fees. In the case of missed examinations due to illness, a medical certificate should be submitted to the Examinations Officer, which can be forwarded to the examination board. In the sixth form the cost of AS and A level re-sits is met by parents/students. Where there is a charge for withdrawal due to the student not meeting examination requirements, reimbursement of school monies will be sought. Costs relating to individual results enquires not initiated by the school will be met by the parent/student.

Music Tuition
The Headteacher is authorised to charge for individual tuition outside normal classroom activities.

Loss and Damage of School Property
Parents of a student who damages or loses any item of school property or equipment are liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

The Business Manager is authorised to set a realistic fee in relation to booking out the premises during the school’s core hours.

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