Rights-Respecting Students Create Iconic Town Mural

The Sir John Colfox School and Bridport Primary School, members of Bridport’s Minerva Learning Trust are working with UNICEF to promote the understanding of human and child rights. Bridport is the first town in England to declare itself Rights-Respecting. The vision is for Bridport to be a town that champions equal opportunity for all, where all can live respectfully and safely, in peace and dignity. This seems like a very appropriate aspiration in these troubled times.

Minerva Learning Trust young artists have created a mural celebrating the important role that town traders, including market traders play in our local community. The longer-term aim is to create a logo and Charter that will represent a new ‘Charter of Respect’ between shopkeepers and customers.

The idea for the ‘Respect’ Charter was initiated by Bridport trader, Jason Foote (Footeprints) who approached Colfox Rights Ambassadors to see if they could help with occasionally difficult customer/trader relations & dialogue.

Colfox Rights Ambassadors will consult with the public and town shopkeepers and stallholders to create this Charter. The mural was officially revealed at this year’s Charter Fair where students collected comments from citizens which will be added to it. The public are welcomed to visit the artwork in the Café area at Bridport Arts Centre.

Bridport Rights Respecting Town Chairman, David Powell paid tribute to all involved. ‘The schools have responded brilliantly to the opportunity to create an iconic piece of art for our town. I’d particularly like to thank artists Ricky Romain & Heather Fallows and Colfox Head of Art, Louise Burgess for their expertise & support’.

Adam Shelley Headteacher of The Sir John Colfox Academy said “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to show of their artistic skills as well as talk to the community about respect and help to shape the ‘Charter of respect’. There are lots of students and teachers involved in projects which bring the school and community closer together, I would like to thank Louise Burgess Colfox’s head of Art for all her work to support this excellent project. Please go and see the amazing artwork of Bridport students”

Photos Colfox Art Leaders, Cara, Maya & Daisy at the exhibition in the Arts Centre Café – Daisy with her artwork depicting a market trader and Llewelyn, Maisie and Bridport Primary pupils discussing town shops with a member of the public at this year’s Charter Fair.

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