Drama and Performing Arts


Drama encourages the students to work in a collaborative and co-operative way.  It develops skills in communication, builds confidence and self-expression.  Some elements cover an understanding of how drama works, some design elements and theatre history.   The students learn through a variety styles, including role play, didactic styles and experiential learning.  Projects could involve working in whole class, individual and small groups.  Self evaluation and peer evaluation are encouraged as well as teacher assessment.   There is a requirement to perform at all levels and students will gain skills in acting, improvisation and evaluating performances.  Homework tasks could include reflection and evaluation of learning, a design task, learning lines, or making or finding suitable props and costumes.   There is a House competition for Drama and exam students are encouraged to invite parents and friends to showcase their performance work.  There is an annual school production in the autumn term which is open to all students, visits to professional productions are also encouraged.