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The Sir John Colfox Academy will make adjustments for candidates with disabilities and learning difficulties in line with the Joint Council for Qualifications requirements as outlined in Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments. Full details can be found on their website www.jcq.org.uk

Students will be allowed to use a word processor with the spelling and grammar check facility/predictive text disabled in the following circumstances:

  1. That it is the student’s normal way of working at the school.  This is likely to be due to:
    1. a learning difficulty which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to write legibly
    2. a medical condition
    3. a physical disability
    4. a sensory impairment
    5. planning and organisational problems when writing by hand
    6. poor handwriting
    7. etc
  2. There is a short term medical issue which means that the student is not able to write, but they can use a word processor and choose to rather than use a scribe.

In both cases, the SENCO and the Raising Achievement Co-ordinator will be aware of the issue and will organise the use of a word processor.

Use of a word processor cannot simply be granted to a candidate because

  • he/she now wants to type rather than write in examinations
  • he/she can work faster on a keyboard
  • he/she uses a laptop at home.

Further information can be obtained from Mr Glover (SENCO) or Mr Neill (Raising Achievement)

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