The study of the past is vital in order to understand the present. Only by
understanding what has happened are we able to understand what is going on in
the current world. However, it is also hugely important to understand that
History is a story of the past, constantly changing and open to interpretation and
opinion. At The Sir John Colfox Academy, we teach students a broad overview of
local, national and world history in the hope that we encourage curiosity for
students about the complex and gripping nature of the past and how it shapes
their world today. Each year throughout Key Stage 3 we tackle a different theme
so that we can enable the students to develop their knowledge and skills and see
how this particular area of history has changed throughout time and throughout
the world. We also work on developing a range of skills that students can employ
throughout their life. We aim to develop student’s independent thinking, ability
to analyse evidence and form their own decisions on what has happened in the
past. At KS4 we follow the Edexcel specification and at KS5 we follow the OCR
History A specification. We have chosen topics within these courses that we feel
are most interesting and important to our students. We want to inspire, engage
and prepare our pupils for the future through exploring and developing their
understanding of the past.