Hooke Court 2017 

In mid- September Year 7 students went to Hooke Court on the transition team building residential. The aim of Hooke Court trip is for students to get to everyone within their tutor group better whilst also acting as the one of the first Edge activities they can log under resilience.

Students took part in activities including; rafting, orienteering, den building and bridging the moat. They had to demonstrate teamwork, communication skills, resilience, and cooperate with one another to complete the different activities to earn credits; the tutor group with the most credits at the end of two days would win. The students were superb; throwing themselves into each activity with extreme enthusiasm and energy, even if they weren’t too sure at first.

The students also took part in an evening talent show to achieve more credits. There were some fantastic performances including; fidget spinning, modern poetry about a fidget spinner (!), a magic act performed by Nova, and there were a number of vocal performance including a special happy birthday for Mrs Baker. The students were incredibly supportive of everyone who got up on stage and represented their tutor groups; the applause given to each and every act was definitely deafening!

In the end there were two winning tutor groups; T7BWH and A7SAB each with 560 credits each. It was a fantastic two days thoroughly enjoyed by all and we would like to say a special thank you to all the staff at Hooke Court.

What the students thought:

Dylan H7ALM, “It was amazing building shelters and meeting most of his tutor group”

Zoe H7ALM “I enjoyed getting to spend more time with my new friends.”

Barney H7BWH “It was great for teambuilding and I got to know everyone in my tutor group much better.”