Independent Learning Resources


My Child At School

This is our Parent Reporting Portal, providing a convenient way to keep you informed of your child’s progress at school. By accessing the portal you will be able to see details of the homework set, your child’s attendance level, timetable, school reports, behaviour and information relating to Parents’ Evenings. To access the portal  click on the link.  Individual login details were sent out previously: please contact our school reception if you would like to be issued with these again. 


Knowledge Organisers

These are updated throughout the school year and are a series of resources produced by our Faculties. Each Knowledge Organiser outlines the key learning information and accompanying homework tasks for your child in each of their subjects. Many of these also contain links to other resources.

To access the Knowledge Organisers click on the link.





Kerboodle is on online teaching and learning platform currently used by our Science and Modern Foreign Languages Faculties. Via our school subscription, it provides students with access to good quality presentations, worksheets, support materials, auto-marked assessments, and self-assessment checklists as well as, most importantly, access to the textbooks they use in school. Some homework tasks, as specified by the Knowledge Organisers in these subjects, require students to use this resource. In addition to set homework, your child can use Kerboodle as a way of revisiting any units they may have struggled with and there are always question sheets available for them to test their own understanding.

To access Kerboodle click on the link enter your child’s login details. All students have been provided with these in class and they consist of a username, password and an institution code. By default, the password will be the same as the username. This has been simplified to their initial and surname to get them all started. Students need to change this when they first log in. E.g. Jo Bloggs would have a username of jbloggs and a password of jbloggs. The school ID code is gku4

Powerpoint Introducing Kerboodle



MathsWatch is an online learning resource used by our Maths Faculty. It features full explanations as well as practice questions. To access the MathsWatch Login click on the link and enter the login details. Username: Surname followed by first name initial and @Colfox. e.g. if your name was Indiana Jones, your username would be jonesi@colfox (for Y7 students the username would be 19jonesi@colfox) Password: SJCA101



Method Maths

MethodMaths is an online resource used by Year 11 only and provides valuable exam practice. To access Method Maths login click on the link and enter the login details. Username: Surname followed by first name initial and @Colfox. e.g. if your name was Indiana Jones, your username would be jonesi@colfox  Password: SJCA101



Year 11 Revision

Please click here for the Revision and Intervention sessions Timetable.  Also for more Year 11 Resources click on the link button.  This can also be assessed at the bottom of the homepage alongside the links to My Child At School and Office365; it is labelled ‘11’ in an orange tile.  Students will need to enter their username and password for access.


Homework Club

Homework Club is open to all students and takes place in the school library between 3.30 – 5.00pm on Monday – Thursday. There is an additional club for students with SEN in the SEN department.