The Sir John Colfox Academy Governors

Community Governors Term of Office Expires
Mr Martin Stones (Chair) 06/02/2018
Mr David Powell 02/02/2021
Mrs Charlotte Chandler 02/02/2021
Mrs Hilary Cunningham 02/02/2021
CSA Governors  
Ms Anna Ledgard (Vice Chair) 02/02/2021
Parent Governors  
Miss Nesta Rendall Davies 03.03.2019
Ms Suzanne Damfrey 01.07.2020
Staff Representatives  
Ms Sue Andrews 14.05.2019
Mr Peter Clifton 14.05.2019
Mr David Herbert  
Clerk to Governors  
Mrs Amanda Ackerman email: [email protected]

Attendance at The Sir John Colfox Academy Meetings