The Sir John Colfox Academy Governors

Community Governors Term of Office Expires
Mr Martin Stones (Chair) 06/02/2018
Mr David Powell 02/02/2021
Mrs Charlotte Chandler 02/02/2021
Mrs Hilary Cunningham 02/02/2021
Mr Julian Piper 18/10/2021
Mr John Wright 18/10/2021
CSA Governors  
Ms Anna Ledgard (Vice Chair) 02/02/2021
Parent Governors  
Miss Nesta Rendall Davies 03/03/2019
Ms Suzanne Dampney 01/07/2020
Staff Representatives  
Ms Sue Berry 14/05/2019
Mr Peter Clifton 14/05/2019
Mr David Herbert  
Clerk to Governors  
Mrs Amanda Ackerman email:

Attendance at The Sir John Colfox Academy Meetings