Our Uniform

School Uniform Policy

uniform-boy-girlWe expect our students to look smart at all times.  This helps to create good impressions both in school and in the local community.  To help ensure this the following rules must be observed.

Plain black leather school shoes with no visible logo. No trainers or sandals. Plain black leather boots can be worn under trousers; they cannot be worn with skirts. Please note that VANS, Nike, Reebok and all branded trainers are not school wear.

Plain black trousers or skirt. No jeans, denim/denim appearance, canvas or cord material. Trousers must be of full length and not skinny, slim leg or tight fitting. Skirts must be no shorter than 8cm above the knee. 

Blazers must be worn in school at all times between September and end of May half term. Staff may give permission to students to remove blazers in individual lessons. Blazers do not have to be worn outside at break and lunchtime but must be worn in the school building.

While school jumpers are optional these can only be worn under blazers and not instead of blazers and must have the school logo on them.

Ties must be worn with school shirts at all times.  Shirts may be long sleeved or short sleeved but must have the top button fastened and be tucked into trousers or skirts. 

A plain black or neutral coloured tights may be worn but these must be full length and not patterned or footless. Leggings are not permitted. Socks must be plain and dark-coloured.  Socks must not be worn over tights.

A plain black belt with an unobtrusive buckle may be worn to help keep trousers or skirts up. Trousers and skirts must fit properly around the waist and underwear should not be visible.


Students are permitted no more than one item of the following:

  • Ring
  • Bracelet
  • Necklace - small unobtrusive and worn under clothing
  • Pair of earrings. Only studs or sleepers are permitted
  • Please note that students are not permitted to wear any form of facial or bodily piercing whilst in school. These may not be covered by plasters and must be removed at all times.
  • No tracksuit bottoms to be worn

Sports Kit

Girls sports kit

Boys Sports Kit

PE Kit (Boys and Girls)

  Boys Girls
Indoor Panelled sports polo-shirt
Sports shorts navy/white
White socks
Panelled sports polo-shirt navy/amber/white
Sports shorts or skirt navy/white or black
Sports leggings
White socks
Outdoor Boys reversible sport top
Blue football/rugby socks
Trainers/studded footwear
Shin pads (for football and hockey)
Gum shields (for rugby and hockey)
Waterproof jacket or Zip up top
Girls reversible sport top navy/sky
Sports shorts or skirt navy/white or Black
sports leggings
Long blue sports socks
Trainers or astro-turf trainers
Shin pads (for football and hockey)
Gum shields (for hockey)
Waterproof jacket or zip up top

*No jewellery of any kind must be worn in PE



How to order Uniform Leaflet


Go direct to www.Kitzuk.co.uk