Support Staff List


Mr R Aplin

Mrs C Baker

Miss M Birch

Ms E Brown

Mrs T Cary

Mrs Z Cary

Mrs T Davies

Mrs E Dixon

Mr D Dummackin

Mrs T Hawkins

Miss E House 

Ms R Hussey

Mrs S Higgins

Mrs G Jacobs

Mrs J Lamble

Mrs J Laver

Mr I Llewellyn

Mr C Love

Mr J Manning 

Mrs S O’Brien

Mrs T Phillips

Miss F Pinkett

Mrs J Reed

Mr A Rigby

Mrs K Shelley

Mrs T Smith

Mrs W Stoodley

Mrs A Tuck

Miss H Waterfall

Mrs A Wilkinson

Miss K Wilkinson

Mrs E Winters-O’Brien

Mr C Williams 


Finance (MLT)

Assistant SENCO/Head of Year 8

Pastoral Support Officer

Teaching Assistant Technology

Teaching Assistant 

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Examinations Officer

Learning Resources Manager

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Data Manager


Attendance Officer

Family Liaison Officer

Finance Director (MLT)

Teaching Assistant

Senior Science Technician

Practical Assistant/Technician

Teaching Assistant

Cover Manager

Finance Assistant

Teaching Assistant


Principal teaching Assistant

Inclusion Support Monday and Tuesday

Librarian and Comms

Sixth Form Admin & Pastoral Officer

Technician/Teaching Assistant

Headteacher’s PA/ HR

Teaching Assistant

Practical Assistant/Invigilator



Science Technician