Teaching Staff List


Mr Adam Shelley MEd BSc Hons Headteacher 
Mrs  Carol Duffy BA Deputy Head/Curriculum Progress and Standards 
Ms Laura Webb Deputy Head Teacher/Quality of Education and Assessment 
Mr Adam Teasdale Assistant Head/Head of Sixth Form
Mr Bryan Glover Assistant Head/SENCO, Inclusion and Disadvantaged 
Mrs  Laura Thomas Executive Principal MLT


Mr Neil Allies Head of MFL Faculty/Challenge Co-ordinator
Mrs Esther Ashman Teacher of Art 
Mrs  Claire Baker Head of Year 8/Assistant SENCO
Mr Nathan Bartlett Head of Year 10/Mental Health Lead and Mentoring/Teacher of History
Mrs  Victoria Bennett Teacher of Food Prep and Nutrition
Mrs  Carrie Best HLTA-Inclusion
Miss Michelle Birch Pastoral Support Officer
Ms Elaine Brown Teaching Assistant/Technician
Miss Natalie Burden Head of Year 7/Teacher of English
Mrs  Louise Burgess Subject Leader Art/Head of Expressive Arts Faculty
Miss Anna Burridge Teacher of Food Prep and Nutrition
Mrs Joanne Carpenter Teacher of Maths/KS5 Co-ordinator in Maths
Mrs Terina Cary Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Zoe Cary HLTA
Mrs Susan Chudley Head of Year 9/Attendance and Anti Bullying 
Mrs Lucy Cleak Subject Leader of History
Mr Lewis Cockram Teacher of English
Miss  Mollie Cousins Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kerri David Business Studies Teacher (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Mr David Dummackin HLTA
Miss  Ella Easton Cover Superviser 
Mr Graham Farrow Head of Year 11/Leader of Behaviour and Attitudes 
Mr Richard Fuller Teacher of Geography
Miss Jodie Glover Teacher of Drama and PA/Participaton Co-ordinator
Mrs  Annika Groombridge Forest School HLTA
Mr Tom Haigh Teacher or Science
Miss  Mia Halifax PE Teacher
Miss  Kristeen Hall MFL Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Hatch Subject Leader of PSHE
Mrs Kirsty Hazle Head of Science Faculty
Mrs Juliet Hicks Teacher of Science
Mr Brian Hocking Subject Leader of Music
Mrs  Louisa Hocking SENDCO
Mrs Emma Holder Subject Leader of Performing Arts
Ms Anita Jackson Teacher of Design & Technology 
Mrs Kayleigh Jones Lead Practitioner of Maths 
Mrs Julie Lamble Teaching Assistant
Ms Liz Launder Reading and Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs Joy Laver Senior Science Technician
Mr Gary Littlechild Head of PE Faculty
Mr Ian Llewellyn Practical Assistant/Technician
Mr William Lowis Teacher of RS
Mr Joseph Manning Cover Manager
Mrs Julia May Teacher of PE/Participation Co-ordinator 
Miss  Jessica Mayne Teaching Assistant
Miss Coral McVey Teacher of Science
Mr Sam Morse Teacher of PE
Mrs Katy Neill Teacher of Science
Ms Amanda Nicoll Subject Leader of Geography
Miss  Hannah Noonan Temporary Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Pearce Subject Leader of Computer Science
Miss Elowen Penfold Teacher of PE
Ms  Jo Perry HLTA
Miss  Katie Phillips Teacher of English 
Mrs  Tracey Phillips Teaching Assistant
Mr Nicholas Preston Inclusion Manager/Teacher of Geography
Mrs Trudi Price Teacher of Maths
Mrs Jayne Reed Principal Teaching Assistant
Ms Sally Ann Roberts Teacher of RS
Mrs Serena Scaife Teacher of MFL 
Miss  Carrie-Anne Sharma Second in Science
Mr Cameron Shaw Teacher of Geography
Mrs  Kate Shelley Librarian and Comms
Mr Julien Simier HLTA
Mr Brian Smith Teacher of Art
Mrs Wendy Stoodley Technician/Teaching Assistant
Mr Jonathan Sutcliffe Teacher of Science
Miss Erica Sutherland Teacher of History
Miss Hannah Tarrant Teacher of Science
Miss Emma  Taylor Head of Maths Faculty
Mr Michael Thompson Second in Maths
Mrs Annie Usher Teacher of Maths
Mr  Ed Walker Teacher of MFL 
Mrs Rosalind Ward  Second in English/Challenge Co-ordinator 
Miss Hannah Waterfall Teaching Assistant
Ms Laura Webb Deputy Head Teacher/Quality of Education and Assessment 
Mrs Emily Wheeler Subject Leader of RE
Mrs Alison Wilkinson Practical Assistant/Invigilator
Miss  Katie Wilkinson HLTA
Mr Toby Willis Teacher of Maths 
Mr Christopher Williams Science Technician
Mr  Andrew  Wilson Teacher of Science
Mrs Emma Winters O’Brien Technician
Mr Stuart Woodhall Head of D&T Faculty
Mrs Lucy Wright Head of English Faculty
Mr Wojciech Zalewski Temporary Teacher of Maths