Teaching Staff List


Mr A Shelley MEd BSc Hons Headteacher
Mr B Glover Assistant Head/Director of Student Support/SENCO/Head of Business Studies
Mrs C Duffy BA Deputy Head/Director of KS3
Ms L Webb Deputy Head/Director of KS4
Mr A Teasdale Head of Sixth Form/Assistant Head 
Mrs L Thomas Executive Principle MLT
Mrs E Ashman Teacher of Art
Dr N Allies BA Head of Modern Foreign Languages/Challenge Co-ordinator
Mr N Bartlett BA Teacher of History/Head of  Year 10
Ms K Booth Supply Teacher of Maths
Mrs V Bradley- Defendini Teacher of MFL
Miss N Burden Head of Year 7/Teacher of English
Mrs L Burgess BA Subject Leader Art/Head of Expressive Arts Faculty
Miss A Burridge BA Teacher of Technology
Miss J Carpenter BSc  Teacher of Maths/KS5 Co-ordinator in Maths
Mrs S Chudley MA Head of  Year 9/Teacher of English
Mrs L Cleak
Subject Leader of History
Mr L Cockram Teacher of English
Mrs K David Teacher of Business Studies 
Mr G Farrow BSc Director of Options, Careers and Vocational Education/Head of  Year 11
Mr R Fuller Teacher of Geography/Challenge Co-ordinator
Miss J Glover Teacher of Drama & Performing Arts 
Miss K Hall Teacher of MFL
Mrs R Hatch BA Teacher of RS/subject leader of PSHE
Mr T Haigh Teacher of Science
Miss M Halifax Teacher of PE
Mrs K Hazle   Head of Science Faculty
Mrs J Hicks BSc  Teacher of Science
Mr B Hocking BA Subject Leader of Music
Mrs E Holder Subject Leader of Performing Arts
Ms A Jackson Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs K Jones Lead Practitioner of Maths
Ms L Launder Literacy & Reading Co-ordinator
Mr G Littlechild BA Head of PE Faculty/Head of Year 11
Mrs J May BA Second in PE/ Participation Co-ordinator
Ms K McIlroy BA Head of PSE/Teacher of Art
Mr S Morse Teacher of PE/
Mrs K Neil Teacher of Science
Ms A Nicoll Subject Leader of Geography
Mrs R Pearce BA Subject Leader of Computer Science
Miss K Philips Teacher of English
Mr N Preston MA Inclusion Manager/Teacher of Geography
Mrs T Price Teacher of Maths
Ms S Roberts Temporary Teacher of RE/Literacy
Mrs S Scaife Teacher of MFL 
Miss C Sharma Second in Science 
Mr J Sutcliffe BSc Teacher of Science/Numeracy Co-ordinator
Mrs A Usher Teacher of Maths
Mr E Walker Teacher of MFL
Mrs R Ward BA Teacher of English and Media/ Challenge Co-ordinator
Mrs E Wheeler BA  Subject Leader of RE
Mr T Willis Teacher of  Maths
Mr A Wilson Teacher of Science
Mr S Woodhall Head of D & T Faculty
Mrs L A Wright BSc Head of English Faculty
Mr W Zalewski Temporary Teacher of Maths