Lost Property

We have quite a lot of un-named lost property that accumulates during the term. This lost property list will be updated at the end of every week in hope that more unnamed property can be returned.  You can search the property list by any criteria i.e. Item; Brand; Size, by scrolling down the list (the list is sorted alphabetically by item). If you see any property that you believe is yours please contact Main Reception and speak to the receptionist. You can also leave a message for Miss House by email (e.house@colfox.dorset.sch.uk).

May I also take this opportunity to remind parents that all items of clothing and equipment that is brought into school should be named; all named lost property is returned to the students by main reception and the student receptionists.

School trousers blackM&S13 -14 years
PE shortsSJCA28/30
coat blackTechnicalsM
Jumper FW HuxterUneekXL
Jumper greyJack Wills6
Jumper blackSJCA34
Rugby top black and whiteGilbertXL
Shorts PE blue and yellowS
Shorts blackNext12 Years
Top (I love musical theatreRussellS
Baggy Trousers brownS/M
Pe top (charlie D)SJCA34/36
Bag greenVans
School shoes blackClarks7
pencil case (my stuff)
water bottle purple
water bottle pinkSistema
water bottle blackSuper Sparrow
water bottle blue and whiteUniversity of Greenwich
Hat greyAccessorize
scarf blue with butterflieslisa angel
santa hat
lunch box lid
lunch box
Trainer black (just 1)Adidas8
Trainer blueNike5
trainer black and blue3
shoe black (just 1)
Bag PE blue
SkirtM&Sage 10
Hat Blue
Water bottle black
shirt whiteNext11 years
Peacocks bag with PE kit
pencil case keyboard
bag blackwith PE kit
jumper pinkPrimark6
top whiteUrban Outlaws13-14 years
hairband pink
waterbottleUniversity of Bath
waterbottle blueSigg
gum sheild
Bag with PE kitPuma
Maths setHelix Oxford
GlovesTerra Hiker
shoe (1)Clarks4