Acting Headteacher Mr Mike Hoffmann

Director of Teaching and Learning

It has been my pleasure to work at the school for over 13 years. At the Sir John Colfox Academy we don’t think learning stops when we leave school, by which I mean at the age of 18, not 3.30! Like all schools we have the opportunity to shape not just the future of our young people but, in doing so, the future of our society. In short creating ‘life-long learners’ is our number one priority

The idea that all students can go on to benefit our wider society is central to my own values as a teacher. To do this we strive to convey a deeper understanding of our subjects, beyond that which is essential for exam success. Teachers here emphasise the importance of participation in events and clubs, and we aim to develop wider learning skills like independence, effective communication and collaboration.

In recent years staff and students have worked incredibly hard to improve the literacy of all of our students. Reading is a passion of mine, and I believe strongly that reading is the key for a greater understanding of our world. Reading informs writing, reading expands horizons; through reading, children learn to empathise with others. More pragmatically, reading enables students to learn on-line and it gives them the tools to succeed later in life. At the Sir John Colfox Academy we aim to help all students with their literacy and numeracy; we provide early support for students who need extra help, and our dedicated team work with students in small groups or one to one to help support the development of their key skills. Teachers across the curriculum, be it in Geography or Art, focus on improving the reading and writing of every pupil.

A comprehensive pupil survey (2016) recognised that teachers care deeply about their students, and that they both push them to succeed and support them when times are tough. What greater accolade could there be teachers than the recognition from their pupils that they are doing a great job?