Model United Nations


Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation and/or competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the working of the United Nations. MUN helps students develop their researching skills, public speaking, debating, writing skills, critical thinking, and teamwork and leadership abilities. At MUN conferences, students are known as delegates; they are placed in committees and assigned countries that they represent. All delegates are presented with assignments well in advance of the conference, along with a topic or topics that their committee will discuss. Delegates conduct research before conferences and formulate resolution that they will then debate with their fellow delegates in the committee, staying inline with the actual position of the country they represent. At the end of the conference, the best-performing delegates in each committee as well as delegations are recognised with awards.

Bath 2017

This year six students from Colfox and Beaminster attended the Bath International Model United Nations Conference at Kingswood School 3rd-5th March 2017. Fin Devlin, Thomas Crabtree, Matthew Webb, Georgy Ivahkenko, Will Louden and Dom Reynolds-Grey representing Greece. This was a great experience for all; it gave the students an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of current affairs and meet students from a wide range of backgrounds. The students were involved in a number of different committees including Human Rights, the Environment and Political to debate how the world can overcome the number of challenges it faces in this time of great uncertainty.

All students contributed some excellent points in their respective committees including Finn who was in the Middle East Committee discussing issues such as women’s rights and Dom who was in Economic debating issues including forced labour and world trade. Well done to all and hopefully next year we will take two teams for the first time ever.