Modern Foreign Languages

99% of people living in West Dorset speak English as their first language, and yet 80% of the world’s population do not use English. At The Sir John Colfox Academy, we want to broaden our students’ horizons and give them an enthusiasm for and an understanding of other cultures beyond our local area, giving them opportunities to take advantage of and thrive in a globalised economy. For this reason, we offer all students the opportunity to study both Spanish and French, two of the top three languages of the future according to the British Council.

We want to prepare students to be confident and effective communicators. An additional language is a sought-after skill in both the workplace and Further Education. It allows students to better understand how English works, improving their literacy through skills such as using a dictionary and applying the English grammar they learn at Key Stage 2 to a foreign language. Most importantly, learning a language at The Sir John Colfox Academy is a balance of practical and engaging activities, designed to inspire students and promote a lifelong love of language learning.