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Students launch £5,000 appeal for new outdoor spaces

Students at the Sir John Colfox are appealing for help so they can enjoy spending more time together outside.  

They are hoping to raise £5,000 for new outdoor benches and tables and are asking the Bridport community to please support their appeal. 

Please donate here, thank you! LINK:

The appeal emerged from a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style challenge, where Students pitched their ideas for improving their school, congratulations to Daniel, Luke, Riley, Imogen, Isla, Livy and Rose for creating the winning pitch! 

Luke said: “I am really hoping that people see our appeal and help us, as it would be brilliant if we had more tables, chairs and benches so we could all enjoy being together outside more.” 

Rose added: “I know lots of us would love to have more great outdoor spaces to enjoy. We are hoping people will be able to help us, thank you to anyone who can donate or share our appeal!”    

Adam Shelley, Headteacher of the Sir John Colfox Academy, said: “At Colfox we believe in listening to our students and this appeal to enhance and improve our school’s outdoor spaces is their idea. We are lucky to have beautiful, spacious grounds with lovely views, but it would be great to be able to have more seating areas for students to enjoy.    

“We know Bridport is a very generous community, so our whole school is hoping the appeal will succeed! Congratulations to Daniel, Luke, Riley, Imogen, Isla, Livy and Rose for creating a brilliant pitch.      

“Student voice and encouraging young people to feel empowered to improve their world is highly valued at Colfox. Our Student Council is very active, and our students are going to be encouraged to take a role in our newly formed ‘Friends of Colfox’ group. Colfox prides itself on its ethos of Culture, Community and Curriculum'. A key part of this ethos is student voice, the students have spoken, and we have listened and launched their appeal, thank you to anyone who is able to support it.”  

The appeal will run until 23 July 2024. If you would like any more information or have any feedback please email: or call 01308 422291.