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6th Form Leadership Team

To help guide and support our Sixth Form students, we have a dedicated team of staff working with them. The Sixth Form Leadership team plays a vital role in the two year journey that takes a young person from being a GCSE pupil to someone who will go on to be a successful undergraduate at university. We help support, guide and challenge our students, helping them to fulfil their potential and make excellent life choices.

The team are:

Adam Teasdale: Head of Sixth Form  

Adam oversees recruitment into the Sixth Form, manages the options and applications process for students and tracks the progress of students in Year 12 and 13. He leads the Sixth Form tutor team and is Director of Post 16 Learning.  He liaises across school sites, works closely with subject leaders and teachers and also works closely with parents to address any concerns and underperformance. Adam also works closely with Yeovil College, organising the ‘Yeovil Partnership’ programme. As part of the role, he organises the application process to Yeovil, the induction and ongoing mentoring of students. Adam is closely involved in helping students find the right course and the right work experience that is often required for these courses.

Tracey Smith: Sixth Form Student Support Officer

Tracey is the second in the Sixth Form.  Her main role is managing pastoral concerns and helping students organise their study programmes. Tracey oversees the enrichment programme for students and helps to organise the mentoring process that the form tutors lead with their groups.  She also plays a key role in helping students with their UCAS applications and preparations for university.

Marc Truyens: Careers Advisor

Marc is our appointed careers advisor and can offer independent advice and guidance to all students. He is available for appointments with Sixth Form students to discuss all aspects of career progression and possible routes into higher education, further education or even employment. 

The Tutor Team

Our Sixth Form tutors are the first point of contact for students and parents and see the students on a daily basis.  Tutors mentor students in individual appointments and help keep them on track. The tutors help to deliver the Sixth Form tutorial programme and work closely with students during the UCAS process, writing references for their tutees and checking personal statements.

Year 12

William Lowis and Sam Morse

Year 13

Gary Littlechild, Juliet Hicks and Rosalind Ward

Student Leadership Team

All students have the opportunity to get involved in the Student Leadership Group. Led by a nominated Head Girl and Head Boy (supported by deputies), the Student Leadership Group manages various committees, such as the Sports Committee, The Social Committee and the Student Union. Again, being involved means you get a chance to shape your experience in the Sixth Form, and it also looks great on your UCAS application.