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Absences and Medication

As a parent, you want your child to always be feeling their best for school and when they are not feeling very well it can be confusing to decide whether they should go to school or not. Please see the NHS link below to help you make the correct decision.

If you need to report a student absence, please contact the main office

Phone: 01308 422291, Option 1 or email:

Medical Room

If your child is taken ill during school time they will be given a note and sent to the medical room situated near the main reception. A member of the reception team will assess your child and record the details of the illness, a trained first-aider will be called if we think necessary, and you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child. 

In emergency cases we call an ambulance and contact you immediately. In the case of a head injury you will be called, and your child will be issued with a head injury letter.

Permission to Administer Medicine

Wherever possible we encourage students to take their medication at home before the school day and on their return. Where this is not possible, and you require your child to receive medication during the school day, please complete and return the attached form below to the main office.