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Art and Design


Creativity is contagious, pass it on

Albert Einstein


We believe that Art matters. It changes lives, documents and reflects experiences and shows us worlds and perspectives other than our own. Making art has been a fundamental part of human activity since the beginnings of known history.

Through our teaching across the key stages we hope to inspire and motivate our students with projects which are diverse and accessible for all. These projects provide opportunities for students to work creatively and develop a broad range of skills using a range of materials, techniques and approaches.

Courses are structured so that students learn about a wide range of artists and develop confidence in their ability to respond and explore concepts and ideas in depth and with growing independence throughout their art education at Colfox. Projects are carefully considered and taught in a way that enables students to develop transferable skills which are vitally important in order to be successful learners. Organisation, perseverance and the ability to explore, experiment, review and reflect being key!

Art is a powerful means of communication, and we aim through our teaching and the careful planning of our curriculum to motivate students and empower them, so they can express their ideas and beliefs and understand and enjoy the creative process!

Art Photo

The combined Beaminster and Sir John Colfox joint Sixth Form A level Art exhibition at the Bridport Arts Centre takes place every year. It is an opportunity for both year 12 and year 13 students to exhibit their art work.  This exhibition is always incredibly well attended in the community. The private view is always a wonderful evening where students’ work is shown off and celebrated.

Students’ work covers a variety of different themes and starting points.  Portraiture and assemblage art are key pieces exhibited by yr 12 students and at Yr 13 students develop personal investigations which relate to a multiple of starting points.

The exhibition usually runs for approximately 10 days and is generally scheduled in the second week of June.