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The House System

Aims Of The House System

The four houses have been named after national symbols of the four countries; Toro (Spain), Adler (Germany), Fleur de Lys (France) and Hinomaru (Japan). These were voted for by the students when we decided to set up a house system.

The following are the things which we hope to develop and encourage through the work of the house system and tutor groups.  We believe that in developing these areas our students will have a positive school experience, and we will help to raise their aspirations towards future successes both at Colfox and beyond.  These are:

  • Sense of Belonging
  • Competition
  • Student Leadership
  • Student Voice
  • Cross Year Working
  • Pastoral and Academic Support

We aim to ensure that feel safe and have a sense of belonging in the school and in their tutor group.  The tutor group is the first point of contact for all of our students each day and the students follow a weekly programme of activities during tutorial time which are designed to help foster and develop their sense of belonging.

Each tutor group belongs to one of the four houses and there is a great emphasis placed on developing the House Spirit through many of the competitions and events that run throughout the school year.  Our students rightly feel proud to belong to their House and all of their good work and effort in lessons and activities is rewarded with House points that build towards a house total (see rewards section).

Assemblies are an important time for developing this sense of belonging and at the Sir John Colfox Academy, assemblies are a time when we focus on the achievement of our students.  In the tutor group, the ‘Tutor Forum’ and ‘Circle Time’ are important activities which give all students the chance to contribute to issues in school and develop their own views and opinions.


Competition plays an important part in the House System and all students are encouraged to represent their House during the course of the year. There is something for everyone and, once again, all the points earned go towards the House score.  The emphasis is on taking part and having a go.  Some of the events that will be running this year are:

  • Sports e.g. Football, Tug of War, X Country and lots more.
  • Variety Show.
  • Dragons Den.
  • Sewing Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • Lip Sync Week
  • Fashion Show.
  • Weekly Quiz
  • House celebration evening
  • Half termly Create competition
  • Anything that we can measure!!

All students are competing for House points (see rewards section) that build towards their own personal total and towards that of their House.  The Inter House events contribute a great deal to the life of the school and the enjoyment of the students.

Student Leadership

The House System presents perfect opportunities for our students to develop the leadership skills that will be so important as they move through the school and beyond.  All of our students are encouraged to take on leadership roles at some stage in their school career.

Student Voice Network

The Student Voice Network is very important for students to develop their say on matters in school which affect them.  This is very active in school and each member of our community has the opportunity to voice their opinion on matters and be heard. This takes place as part of the house council meetings and the school council meetings.

Tutor Leadership Roles House Leadership Roles
Tutor Captain/Vice Captain House Captains
House Council Rep Vice House Captains
Sports Captain/Vice Captain Sports Captains
Tutor Photographer Vice Sports Captains
Tutor Journalist Lead Buddy
Charity Rep Buddies


Cross Year Working

Central to the purpose of the House System is to develop opportunities for all of our students to work closely with students of different ages and key stages.  This has been a very successful aspect of our progress and is when the House System is at its best.  Cross year working includes:

  • Buddies
  • Competitions
  • Student led assemblies
  • Student Leaders running events.
  • Charity Events in School and the community.