The Local Governing Body of the Sir John Colfox Academy

Sue Andrews

sue 1

Sue Andrews has worked at The Sir John Colfox Academy since September 2000 and whilst now principally a teacher of Textiles she also teaches PSE and Art. Sue has held a variety of roles within the school during her time which has enabled her to see a clear overview of the areas of governorship from the point of view of a member of the teaching staff.  Sue has two children – both of whom attended The Sir John Colfox Academy and until recently she lived in Bridport.  She believes strongly in the importance of a school that meets the specific and varied needs of the students within its community.


Charlotte Chandler

CharPrior to joining KPMG in 1998 Charlotte worked at Ernst & Young and also had her own company providing consultancy event advice to different organisations such as Amex and Allen & Overy.  Charlotte has many years’ experience of events and hospitality and since joining KPMG, has been focussing on "corporate relations", which in a nutshell, is ensuring KPMG meet and build sustainable strong relationships with key work influencers; the "good and the great" within the business community; Government; the "City" and other relevant organisations within UK Plc.  In addition to the above, Charlotte has overall responsibility for the senior client entertaining programme.  Over the last two years Charlotte has been very involved in launching Number Twenty, KPMG’s new client building in the West End of which she is hugely proud!  Charlotte’s family have lived near Bridport for a couple of hundred years and now her husband, Simon, and her live in Uploders


Peter Clifton

peteePeter has been the Support Staff Governor at The Sir John Colfox Academy for 8 years.  He spent the majority of his working life in engineering and project management and following early retirement joined The Sir John Colfox School (Academy) as a Senior Technician.

Peter is keen that engineering should be seen as an important and worthwhile career.

He is now responsible for the co-ordination of trips and visits and also sits on the Governors’ Health, Safety and Premises sub-committee where he feels he is able to make a useful contribution.


Nesta Davies


nesNesta Davies joined the Sir John Colfox Academy board of governors as a parent governor in April 2015.  Nesta has an MA in English and Art History and with twenty-five years’ experience of teaching in adult education has seen at first hand the difference an outstanding learning environment can make. She is an experienced departmental and tutor coordinator and enjoys working as part of a team.

Nesta is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy with experience in working with adult and child bereavement.

She brings to the board a belief that providing children with the opportunity and environment to flourish and the tools to become fulfilled human beings is crucial to the wellbeing of society.  Nesta runs her own business and has one child who attends the Sir John Colfox Academy.


Andrew Evans

andCanon Andrew Evans is Team Rector of the Bridport Team ministry which six Church of England churches serve the community and town of Bridport. Andrew serves on the governing bodies of both Bridport Primary and the Sir John Colfox schools as well as the new Trust Board for the Minerva Academy. Before entering the church he taught in the secondary sector for 17 years and has served as a school governor for over 30 years in schools across the age range from 'infant' to secondary including periods as Chair. Andrew was vice chair of the Diocesan Board of Education for Bristol Diocese and served on the shadow and later full Education Committee for Swindon Borough Council. Andrew's interests include current affairs and contemporary history.



David Herbert

DHDavid is the Headteacher of the Sir John Colfox Academy having taken up the position in April 2016.  Prior to that he worked on the leadership team at Colfox for 10 years, firstly as Assistant Head and then as Deputy Head.  David began his teaching career in Cornwall in 1999 after completing a Sports Science degree at Loughborough University and his post graduate studies at Exeter University.  David is a registered OFSTED Inspector and carries out inspection work in the South West of England.  David will sit on the Performance and Standards Committee of the Minerva Learning Trust.  David has three children, two of whom are students at Colfox with one more to come to the school soon!   David is an enthusiastic sportsman and still plays a variety of sports when he is free of injury!



Anna Ledgard

anna LAnna Ledgard MA, PGCE is a governor at The Sir John Colfox Academy and a Trustee of the Minerva Learning Trust.  She began her working life as a secondary school teacher and has been a school governor in London and Bridport for 20 years.  Her children attended Bridport Primary and The Sir John Colfox School.
Today Anna is an award-winning producer developing public engagement projects with artists and bio-medical scientists in UK hospitals. Her pioneering work is internationally respected and Anna is the recipient of multiple Arts Awards from the Wellcome Trust.  She brings skills of strategic planning for inter-disciplinary partnership, financial management, administration, human resources and public engagement.  Anna is committed to education in this community and sees informed governance in genuine collaboration with staff as key to promoting breadth and equity of educational opportunity for all children in the MLT.



Martin Stones

Martin SMartin is the Managing Director and founder of Minster Joinery Ltd.  Minster is a highly successful and respected company operating at the highest level within its market.  With a turnover exceeding £2.25 million.  Martin has considerable experience in negotiating high value contracts, managing client’s expectations and delivering successful outcomes.  Martin has been a governor of the Sir John Colfox Academy for 17 years and has chaired the Trust Board for the last six years.   Martin also chairs the Attendance and Behaviour committee and has an interest in the whole school community

Martin will remain as the Chair of the Local Governing Body of The Sir John Colfox Academy and Chair the Finance Committee of the Minerva Learning Trust.