Remote Learning Guides by Subject


KS3 Assignments will consist of key tasks which are supported by Powerpoints. There will be no live lessons but presentations may contain embedded ‘YouTube’ clips and links which support students in their learning. Some presentations may be supported by embedded teacher voice or recorded video of teacher talking (loom). Knowledge organisers will be available relating to each year group project. These will provide an overview of the project. 

Teachers may periodically give time for students to re-visit key tasks and act on feedback. A variety of methods will be used to feedback to students and students are encouraged to use the ‘chat’ facility in teams to ask for support if needed. Feedback will often take the form of ‘whole-class’ feedback whereby students’ work is shared. This is a great opportunity for students to share good practise and learn from each other 


Similar to the above in general but it should be noted that at Key Stage 4 students are working on sustained coursework projects. This means that students will be developing their work in a more personal way and have different priorities. Some key tasks may be set to all but in the main students will be provided with a bank of tasks which relate to their project. These tasks relate to the key assessment objectives. Students will sometimes be directed to ‘choose’ from the bank of tasks or (through communication with their teacher) be directed to work on key pieces. Feedback and tasks will be personalized for students and it is vitally important that students use teams to communicate with their teacher. The ‘chat’ facility is an excellent way of doing this. Teachers will work hard to provide support and direction for students. Feedback will be regular and constructive and teachers will regularly share examples of good practice within the group (students should notify their teacher if they would not like their work shared with others in a ‘whole class feedback’ format. It is understood that some key pieces may take a considerable amount of time and ‘carry over’ from one lesson to another and for that reason, it is only expected that students ‘turn in’ a photograph of what they have been working on once a week. 

The delivery of lessons will be as above in format. Yr 12 will be set key tasks and provided with an overview in the form of a KO. Yr 13 are working on their personal investigations and work will be set which is highly personalized. It is expected that Yr 13 upload images regularly to show the development of their work and there will be periodic 1:1 teams video chats with students to discuss work and establish action plans. 

We understand that resources may be an issue in art and we would like to support students as best we can. We can adapt assignments, print resources and/or find some resources for your child. Please do not hesitate to contact the art department 

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