Senior Prize Giving

On Thursday 15th December the Sir John Colfox Academy held its annual Senior Prize Giving evening.  Awards were presented to students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 for academic excellence, outstanding effort and for contributions to the school community.  Before the awards were presented Headteacher David Herbert reflected on another excellent year for the school.  In particular he praised the staff for ensuring that such a wide range of extra curricular activities were still being made available at times when examinations were becoming more and more demanding.  Despite this he congratulated the A Level cohort of 2017 for achieving the highest ever results in the school’s history.  He also welcomed guest novelist and documentary make Damien Lewis.

Damian inspired everyone with an inspirational talk about his career which has included covering the impact of war and conflict around the world and has seen him write over fifteen books and produce more than twenty films. All the young prize-winners were impressed by Damian’s ‘can do’ attitude and how he used a moment of adversity to be a real catalyst for change in his professional life.  The academy are delighted that Damian will be returning to share more of his experience with students in the sixth form.

Sponsors from local businesses were on hand to present awards alongside Damian Lewis and the presentation party was also joined by Bridport Mayor, Councillor Anne Ricard and the Vice Chair of Governors, Hilary Cunningham.  The top performers in each subject were recognised and there also were special awards for the highest overall attainment by a boy and girl at GCSE (Dahlia Twigger and Brian Robertshaw), and the highest attainment at A Level by a boy and girl (Theo Everley and Alana Pollock).   At GCSE Dahlia achieved the perfect set of eight A* and three new grades 9’s, a feat that was only achieved by a very small number of students in the country.  At A Level Theo was commended for taking on the extraordinary and completing seven full A levels, achieving grade A in five of them!  David Herbert commented ‘I have never seen the like of this before, and may never again, it was a truly incredible performance from a remarkable young man. The fact that Theo has chosen to study for a Physics degree in the medium of French at Strasbourg University speaks volumes about his qualities’. 

The award for most progress made in Year 11 went to Llewellyn Davies, and in the Sixth Form this prize was won by Joseph Scott. There were also special awards made to the students who have made the biggest contributions to the school and wider community through their leadership and commitment to the school.  Esther Stone won this accolade for Year 10 and in Year 11 Ella Kershaw was recognised while in the 6th Form Ellie Taylor took the prize.  The prize for best Vocational Student was won by Eli Norman who has excelled in his 6th form partnership course with Yeovil College and the College Vice Principal Steve Battersby was on hand to present the award.  There were new awards for the Edge Graduates of the Year.  These prizes were presented by the Regional PIXL Edge lead, Andy David, and were won by Jade Farrington and Ben Farrell of Year 11. 

The school would like to thank all its sponsors for generously donating to the awards:

Grove Nurseries, Carpet World,  Creeds Design and Print, Symondsbury Estate, Humberts Estate Agents, CG Fry and Son LTD, Yeovil College and  Mrs Jane Dibdin. 

Awards, Winners, Sponsors

 Award for Vocational Education: Eli Norman    

Sponsored by: Yeovil College                                                                                                                       

Award for Best Overall Performance by a girl at GCSE 2017: Dahlia Twigger

Sponsored by: Groves Nurseries        

Award for Best Overall Performance by a boy at GCSE 2017: Brian Robertshaw

Award for Best Overall performance by a Boy in Year 10:  Nat Wormleighton

Award for Best Overall performance by a Girl in Year 10:  Chloe Robinson

Award for Outstanding Effort by a Boy in Year 10:  Andrei Calin

Sponsored by Humberts Estate Agents

Award for Outstanding Effort by a Girl in Year 10: Angelina Bosi

The Humphrey Dibdin Award for Contribution to the School and Community (Year 10):Esther Stone

Sponsored by Mrs Jane Dibdin                                                                                                                         

Award for Contribution to the School and Community (Year 11): Ella Kershaw

Sponsored by: Carpet World                                                                         

Headteacher’s Award for Progress (Year 11): Llewelyn Davies

Award for Best Overall Performance by a girl in Year 12: Amber Thomas

Sponsored by Creeds Design and Print          

Award for Best Overall Performance by a boy in Year 12: Jack Bradley

Award for Best Overall Performance by a girl at A Level in 2017: Alana Pollock

Sponsored by: Symondsbury Estate 

Award for Excellence for Best Overall Performance by a boy at A Level in 2017: Theo Everley               

Sponsored by: Symondsbury Estate                                                                                                            

Governors Award for Progress in the Sixth Form: Joseph Scott

Award for Contribution to the School and Community (Sixth Form): Ellie Taylor

PIXL Edge Graduate of The year Boy:  Ben Farrell

PIXL Edge graduate of the Year Girl:  Jade Farrington

Sponsored by CG Fry and Son Ltd.

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