Sports Teams


Sport in The Sir John Colfox Academy is one of the areas that is valued highly in the Personal development of student’s abilities and life skills. Students are encouraged to work on not only their practical abilities, but also their teamwork and leadership skills. Working together in lessons to perform activities and devise strategies to complete tasks forms an important part of our curriculum, and by asking student’s to lead warm ups and activities we are looking to improve communication and confidence.

Participation in extra-curricular is strong, and we continue our tradition of playing a large number of fixtures against other schools in a variety of different sports. All over the County our reputation for sporting participation and excellence continues to grow, and we have received National recognition by reaching the Chance to shine Cricket finals held at Edgbaston Cricket ground and the English Schools Cross Country finals. One of the most pleasing things has been that when I attend fixtures or County tournaments PE teachers from different schools often come up and say  ‘Oh, you’re Colfox. We have heard about you!’

Our Extra-Curricular Sporting Activities:

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Cross Country
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball

Alongside the fixtures played we built on our commitment of trips to sporting events to educate students in elite level sport. We ran our first Netball tour, took students to tennis, cricket, rugby, athletics and netball games, and provided sporting activities for all in our activities week.

  • Exeter Chiefs Matchday experience (Rugby)
  • Team Bath v Manchester Thunder (Netball)
  • Hampshire v Middlesex (T20 Cricket)
  • Wimbledon (Tennis)
  • Birmingham Athletics
  • ‘Can do’ games (Sailing, Windsurfing)
  • Dorset Cycling Championships

Alongside our Curricular and Extra Curricular activities we run a highly successful Leadership programme. Our SSCO works hard to link our students in with the primary school events, taking a variety of students across all year groups to supervise and run the activities for the younger pupils. This is one of our most popular schemes, and the students who are selected invest a lot of time and effort, but get huge rewards for their work.

Sporting Successes:

Sporting achievements 2016-2017:








Yr7 – Area Cup: Semi finalists

Yr9 – Area Cup: Winners

Yr9 – English Schools Cup: Quarter finalists

Yr11 – Area Cup: Semi finalists



U13 – Area cup: Winners

U13 – 6 a side National competition: 4th Place Nationally

U14 – County Cup plate: Winners

U15 – County Cup plate: Runners up

Cross Country

Cross Country

Yr7 Boys – Area competition: Winners

Yr7 Girls – Area competition: Winners

Junior Boys -  Area competition: Winners

Junior Girls – Area competition: Runners up

Inter Boys – Area competition: Winners

Inter Girls – Area competition: Winners



U13 – Area competition: 3rd Place

U15 – Area competition: 3rd Place



U13 – Area competition: Winners

U14 – Area competition: 3rd Place

U15 – Area competition: Runners up



Yr7 Boys – Area competition: 3rd Place

Yr8 Boys – Area competition: Runners Up

Sports Presentation 2017