Mrs R Pearce head of ICT/Computer Science 

We are all aware of how ICT touches our everyday life. By developing skills at KS3 and showing students how these skills can be applied to produce useful and well designed applications in our KS4 course we aim to prepare students for ‘The Information Age’.


AUTUMN TERM:  Identity theme KS3 Unit 7.1 Developing a PowerPoint presentation ‘about me’ for penpals and parents. Creating a web showcase

SPRING TERM:  Spreadsheets KS3 Unit 7.4Identifying the rules in a spreadsheet. Using an existing spreadsheet and creating your own. Marking predictions and drawing conclusions

SUMMER TERM:  Desktop publishing unit 7.3 and control unit 7.6 using DTP to create a subject leaflet and class newsletter. Using images, text and formatting appropriately. Programming using ‘scratch’ software


AUTUMN TERM:  Publishing on the web. Investigating website design. Planning and creating a website using Mediator software.KS3 Unit 8.2

SPRING TERM:  KS3 Unit 8.4 – Investigating and creating spreadsheet models. Investigating the effects of changing variables and formulas in models

SUMMER TERM:  Data handling and multimedia. Designing effective questionnaires and working with the data collected. Using animation software to create animations for multimedia presentations.


Diploma in Digital Applications (DIDA)

All students start the Diploma in Digital Applications (DiDA) course in Year 9. Students can opt to take further DIDA units at KS4. All students aim to complete two units by the end of KS4 

Course Outline

Exam Board: EdExcel

Examination: 0%                                

Coursework: 100%

The Diploma in Digital Applications (DIDA) is a suite of four units promoting the creative use of digital applications. All students start with the core unit covering the application of core software tools. Optional units then cover graphics, multimedia and ICT in enterprise.