Support for Students with Specific Talents and Interests

The Sir John Colfox Academy aims to support, nurture and challenge all students. Whilst we recognise the talents and abilities in every child, we are aware that certain students might respond well to a programme of specific academic enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities. We encourage interests, promote curiosity and reward excellence.

On transition from primary school we seek to gain as much information as we can about students’ specific talents and special interests.  We also receive detailed information about students’ prior academic attainment; not just their final standardised score in Key Stage 2 SATS.  We aim to provide appropriate learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom to help stretch and challenge all students. The progress of all students (including the most able) is closely tracked as they move through the school to ensure they continue to reach the levels of attainment they are capable of.  Form tutors play a key role by encouraging students to share their talents and interests. These can often form a very important part of their success in achieving the Pixl Edge accreditation at Apprentice, Graduate or Masters Level.

We encourage parents to share their child’s specific interests with us and our aim is to work closely with children and parents to help us ensure that our provision matches their needs.  If you would like to discuss a particular talent or interest that your child has then please make contact with Mr Teasdale (Assistant Head) who will help to point your child towards the right opportunities.  He has oversight of the programme for students with specific talents and interests.  We know that in our school there will be budding scientists, engineers, mathematicians, writers, musical performers, sporting stars and many students with other exciting aspirations and interests; we want to hear about them.  Please click link here to see some examples of different enrichment activities that typically run within the school.  

At the heart of developing students’ talents and interests is a commitment to ensuring they are challenged in their curricular subjects. Whether classes are ‘set’ or ‘mixed ability’, our teaching aims to ensure that sufficient differentiation is in place to challenge students.  This might be achieved through extension tasks, questioning strategies, different homework tasks, increased pace or by differentiating resources.  Our curriculum offer is an academic one and we encourage students to choose subjects that offer them a high degree of challenge.  For our most able students this will mean following a set of subjects that enables them to achieve the English Baccalaureate (at GCSE) and might include two facilitating subjects at A Level, a requirement  of many of the country’s top universities.

If you would like to have a meeting to discuss any aspects of our provision for supporting students with specific talents or interests then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor, House Co-ordinator or Mr Teasdale.