The Young Leaders Lions Award


lionsThe Young Leaders Lions Award is a national scheme whereby young people are recognised for their contribution to the community.  There are two award levels:  The Silver Seal Award for Young people who provide at least 50 hours of service to their community during a 12 month period; and, the Gold Seal Award is for those students who provide at least 100 hours.  Young People between the ages of 11 and 18 are eligible to participate in the Young Leaders in Service Award.  Last year, we had 20 students who received either the Gold or Silver Award.  This is, the majority recording well over 100 hours.  This is a high number for one school and we are delighted with their efforts and the significant levels of service they provide to the Bridport area.   They have much of which to be proud. The scheme is progressing well for our current students, and we are looking forward to launching the new scheme in the coming academic year.