Welcome to The Sir John Colfox School!

CDMy name is Mrs Duffy and it is my pleasure to ensure that all of our new Year 7 students and their parents feel welcomed and well informed as they move from Primary to Secondary school. This can be a daunting prospect and we really try to do all we can in partnership with parents, Primary School colleagues and staff here to help you settle in quickly to life at our school. We call this process  “Transition” and I will give you a brief overview of what this entails. You can also get further information and photos on some of these aspects on our website and in our school prospectus which is issued to all Year 5 students in our feeder Primary schools. 

Year 5

The process actually begins in Year 5 when students from our feeder Primary schools are given the opportunity to spend a “Taster Day” with us. There are lots to choose from and students can sign up for places through their Primary Schools. Examples of these have included a day spent in Science, Modern Languages, Music, Drama, Technology or English. In addition many Year 5 students have benefitted from one of our Sports Festivals run by our students or our “Interested and Able” days where we have offered workshops in exciting themes such as Greek or Latin!Lang Taster 2015

Not only do these days provide the opportunity to learn something new but they also give a sense of what life is like in school as you take part in break and lunchtimes. By the time I visit Year 6 in their Primary Schools, many have already spent time with us and this helps them to picture what it will be like when they arrive.

Year 6

This is when most of the transition activities take place for all of the students who will be joining us in September. After parents have successfully  applied for a place at the School, they will receive a welcome letter from the Headteacher, Mrs Taylor.

I visit each of our feeder schools  in April or May. This is a really exciting time as I am able to speak to all of our new students about life at The Sir John Colfox School and to answer as many of the varied questions that students ask whether it’s about Sport, trips or homework! I also spend time speaking to the Year 6 teachers in detail about every child so that new Year 7 tutors know something about them, their close friends and their interests. We also share information about academic ability so that students can be grouped appropriately when they begin their lessons. We often have new students who come from a school outside of our Catchment area and this information will also be shared.  Parents of these students often request to visit the school prior to the Induction Days in June.  I am more than happy to show prospective parents and students around the school at any time.

Separate visits to Primary Schools are also made by staff responsible for SEN to discuss these needs and arrangements for support for students concerned. More information regarding SEN can be found on a separate webpage. 

Transition Process