Year 10 Work Experience


Work Experience

After a five year gap the school  re-introduced a week block work experience programme for all Year 10 students.  This was in response to changing employment patterns and the increasing important requirement for students to have good employability skills when they leave full time education.

Aims of Work Experience:

  • For students to have enjoyable and rewarding placement
  • To develop important employability skills
  • To learn about workplace and labour market
  • To develop confidence
  • To help students make informed career decisions

How Does It Work

All year 10 students will complete a one week placement in the allocated week in March.  Students may not do their placement at any other time. Please note this is a compulsory part of the curriculum for year 10 so all students have to find a placement. While the majority of students will be applying for placements in the local area it is possible to do it in other parts of the country providing the employer meets the required legal an insurance requirements.

Placements can be selected from an extensive database  CSW Enterprise or students can find their own through family contacts, friends or your own initiative.  Every placement has to be checked and approved by the school (via a CSW Enterprise Placement Agency).

  • The students will be required to complete an application process and the decision to accept lies with the employer.
  • A launch assembly will be held in September to go through the whole process with the students.

How to find a placement?

There are basically two ways to find a placement:

  1. Use the Work Experience Database to find a suitable placement. You can search by different employment sectors or a specific business name. You will be able to find out details of what you might be doing and any particular requirements (e.g. Health and Safety).
  2. Find you own placement – you may have a contact that is willing to offer you an opportunity or you could simply apply to a business that isn’t on the database. If you are finding your own placement you must check with the employer that they have up-to-date Employer Liability Insurance. If the employer does not have this insurance you are not legally allowed to do the placement (even if the business is owned by a member of your family). Please be aware that certain jobs have legal age restrictions so check this with any potential employer first – they will know what you are legally allowed to do pre-16.

What happens next?

  • There will be a short assembly to launch the programme and go through the aims
  • In the next few days you will be given a personal login for the database and instructions on how to use it.
  • You will then be asked to complete a selection form. You will have to make a number of choices from the data base (unless you have secured your own placement)
  • If you are selecting from the database you will then be allocated one of the placements. The final step will be to send that employer an application form and then keep your fingers crossed that they say yes!
  • If you have organised your own placement you will need to give us details of the business and the name of the person who has approved it. We will then sort out the paperwork.

You need to think carefully about it and make sure you are selecting placements that are suitable for you and will provide an enjoyable challenge. You might like to consider:

  • A placement linked to a career you are interested in
  • A placement linked to a particular strength or skill that you have
  • Something different and more challenging from your part-time/holiday job

Important Deadlines 2019/20

OUT OF COUNTY LONDON Placements deadline 22 November 2019 - process time 16 Weeks

OTHER OUT OF COUNTY Placements deadline 20 December 2019 - process time 12 weeks

IN AREA Placements deadline 24 January 2020 - process time 7 weeks

Work Experience week 16 -20 March 2020

Work Experience Launch 2019/20 Powerpoint

Work Experience Information Powerpoint

Health and Safety Powerpoint

Work Placement Selection Form

Student Guide Booklet

How to find a Work Placement Powerpoint


Work Experience 2017

On Monday 13th March 138 of our students began a week long placement in an exceptionally diverse range of job sectors including law, veterinary medicine, accountancy, engineering, journalism, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, graphic design, animal care, primary schools, pre-schools, field centres, hair and beauty,
construction, plumbing, electrical installation, web design, mechanics, leisure centres, golf clubs, holiday parks and film production.

Although the majority of the students were in local placements a number were able to secure
opportunities in other parts of the country. In total, 103 businesses and other organisations took one or more of our students.

The feedback from students and employers has been excellent and it is clear that they were great ambassadors for the school. They have clearly gained lots of confidence and new skills to help them prepare for their future careers.

Work Experience Awards 2017

Just over 60 students received awards at a special assembly on Monday 8th May in recognition of their achievements while on work experience in March. Awards for excellence were given to 43 students who were graded excellent by their employer in all 8 employability skills categories on the report form. A further 15 students received achievement awards for being graded excellent in all but 2 categories. Headteacher's Awards were given to 5 students for their outstanding reports and at the end of the assembly, Daniel  Laver was named as the top work experience student for 2017 and presented with a special Governor's Award. Congratulations to all the students who received awards.