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Business Studies

GCSE – Course Overview
AQA GCSE Business
Students will be given the opportunity to study this subject at the start of Year 10 continuing into Year 11 where it will equip them with an in-depth understanding of the business world and the functional areas within.

Unit 1 – Business in the real world
Students learn about the purpose of business activity, the role of business enterprise and entrepreneurship and the dynamic nature of business in response to external factors.

Unit 2 – Influences on business
Following on from the learning of the dynamic nature of business in unit 1, students will explore the importance of external influences on business and how businesses change in response to these influences.

Unit 3 – Business Operations
Students will understand what business operations involve and the role it plays within the production of goods and the provision of services and how they influence business activity.

Unit 4 – Human Resource Management
Within this unit, students will understand the valuable role that human resources plays within business by understanding the purpose of this functional area and how it influences business activity.

Unit 5 – Marketing
Students will understand the purpose of marketing and look at various marketing decisions along with the role within business and how it influences business activity.

Unit 6 – Finance
The finance unit will allow students to appreciate the range of financial options open to businesses to help fund their ventures along with the study of financial statements where students will learn how to interpret financial information and comment on a business’s financial performance or position.

The assessment for the course will take place at the end of Year 11 where students will sit two papers. Units 1 & 2 will be tested within each of the two papers.
Paper 1: Influences of operations & HRM on business activity, 1hr 45mins, maximum 90 marks.
Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity, 1hr 45mins, maximum 90 marks.