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Purpose of the subject

Geography is the subject which opens the door to our dynamic world and prepares each one of us for the role of global citizen in the 21st century.

Geography puts this understanding of social and physical processes within the context of place - recognising the great differences in cultures, political systems, economies, landscapes and environments across the world, and exploring the links between them.

Inspiring learning, achieving excellence: 

Geographers should have experienced a good mix of human, physical and environmental Geography so that they can become engaged and well-informed citizens of the world, able to ask pertinent questions, analyse evidence and provide sustainable solutions to the world's problems.

They should acquire key enquiry skills including research, presenting evidence, analysis and evaluation. Geographers should also acquire map and atlas skills.

Geographers should become critical and reasoned thinkers, compassionate, resilient and good citizens. Geographers are able to develop practical wisdom through decision-making activities.

Geographers should be inspired by current affairs and be encouraged to make links with events at local, regional, national and global scales.